Abstract Art Gallery Plutonic Art.

Unique digital paintings reproduced on canvas using high-quality printing or oil as mixed media.

Our works are able to complement almost any interior, give additional volume to the designer's idea, fill the space with individuality.

All works are unique and distributed exclusively on material media, despite their original digital nature.

Our Vision
We sincerely believe that abstract art, without imposing on the viewer the familiar images of the surrounding world and any symbolism, is capable of developing a person’s imagination and enriching his inner world.

Don't try to figure out what the artist meant to say, just let your mind find its own personal meaning in the painting. Perhaps it will change depending on your mood, current events in your life, or just from time to time.

Abstractionism is great because it adapts to your intellect and emotional state here and now.

Our vision is to give people impressions, discovering new possibilities in themselves through contemplative meditation.
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